Ihmisiä syöttämässä poroa ulkona aitauksessa.

Feeding the reindeer in Puolukkamaan pirtit, Pello.

From 10 to 16 August 2020, a study trip on nature tourism, local products and services took place, which took 18 participants to Pello, Northern Finland. The host partner, Leader Outokaira, had emphasized the local natural heritage and the use of cultural specificities for the development of the region when compiling the program.

Several nature trails and objects related to nature tourism were visited. The emphasis was on small business, farm tourism, valuing and using local features for the benefit of the region’s development.

The positive attitude of local entrepreneurs was impressive, despite the negative effects of the Corona. The Bearhill Husky Farm in Sinettä, Rovaniemi, was the best example of this. Bearhill Husky Farm has received funding from Peräpohjolan Leader.

The visit to the historic Kukkola fishing village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was especially memorable. The way in which the ancient fishing tradition has survived to this day and how to introduce it to tourists was emotional and memorable!

Ihminen fileroimassa kalaa, taustalla Kukkolankoski.

Merike making fish fillet in Kukkolankoski.

The trip provided a wealth of experience, ideas and also confidence for further cooperation.

Written by/kirjoittanut: Merike Vaarmets
Pictures/kuvat: Iina Askonen, Johanna Asiala & Anne Anttila